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How Do I Buy a Song?

Music can be purchased to your needs by choosing one of our packages that most reflects your goals.

Find A New Sound

Artists are always looking for that advantage when looking for beats to inspire, and now you have a secret weapon. Browse with Category tabs or just click around till you find it! The Albums are arranged to try to give you an idea of our spectrum of sound but theres so much. Get out of the box and look around for new sounds! Gone are the days of every song on the album sounding the same.

Artist / Album

When its time for an artist to look for new ideas and expand their range it can be tricky to find something new and unique. Look no more, we have so many brand new sounds…you will get your creative juices flowing and be on to new recording before you know it. And by purchasing a more advanced package you will be able to remix tracks or create custom arrangements as you record the song.

Video Production

We imagine our music in your: Video Games, Movie Scores, Movie Soundtracks, TV show themes, Video promo, etc. Please consider us for your one stop shop…for ALL ORIGINAL and REAL Music needs. Pick a Category or just click on an Album (iPad users use bottom scroller) Audio is encoded in 128k. *Personal Projects/Band/Releases not shown on site but are available for lease.

Commercial Use

Regardless of your needs or experience, your music and project are the most important thing to us. We have the music you need for small self realized production to FULL SCALE Multi Media Ventures. FULL STEMS are available form separate channels of audio projects. Alternate mixes, vocal tracks, ambient edits, theme work, sound f/x, any custom needs are welcome! *Personal Projects/Band/Releases not shown on site but are available for lease.



Browse through endless moods and vibes, unique songs and sounds for your movie or media soundtrack.


Discover new sounds and ideas to expand your artist’s range or image


Find that song or sound to fill out an album, or add a new direction.


Equip yopurself with all the tracks you need to complete remixes or alternate mixes of any track.


Request certian sounds be taken out or added to your liking.


Ask us about helping to create the sound you need, or hear…we can do it!

Dont just listen!!!

If you hear something you like contact us ASAP! We can tweak the track, modify a part of it, or just ask us to take some songs down that you are interested in. Its not easy to put together a real killer album…. But we got you! Don’t just snag the beats off the site! If you need a demo hit us up…… We dont mind working with you to get there! New artists just need a simple 2trk. mp3 for a demo to shop…WE GOT YOU!

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    The Site is coming along! Lots of Music to upload!

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    AKSMITH catalog being uploaded today!

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    this rocks